Zendesk App Integration

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Connect your Shipped Suite account with Zendesk to streamline the customer support workflow for faster shipment issue resolutions.

See all the information you need in one place.

  • If the order is protected by Shipped Shield or has Shipped Green carbon offset

  • Any shipment issues reported by the customer and their statuses

  • Any carbon credit purchases and their verified certificates

Tools and useful links at your fingertips.

  • Ready to use macro to easily provide shipment issue reporting instructions to your customers

  • Loop Shipped support team for assistance in a single click

  • Link to your branded Shield Center for self-service shipment issue reporting

  • Link to the Shipped Shield Assurance Guarantee for full details on package protection

Integration Instructions

The process to integrate Shipped Suite to Zendesk is simple. First connect your Zendesk account with Shipped Suite Merchant Admin, then install the Shipped Suite app on Zendesk.

Below are the detailed instructions for the two steps.

Connect Zendesk in Shipped Suite Merchant Admin

  1. In Merchant Admin, go to Integrations.

  2. Locate the Zendesk app and click "Connect".

  3. Enter your Zendesk subdomain.

  4. Click "Continue".

  5. Authorize app permissions.

Install Shipped Suite app in Zendesk

  1. Go to the Shipped Suite app listing.

  2. Click on "Install".

  3. Authorize the app permissions.

  4. Shipped Suite is now connected.

Optional Configuration

If you have a custom field for order numbers, please enter the custom field ID in the Settings page. This will be easier to find the relevant orders associated with the customer.

Shipped Suite Widget

Within a ticket, you'll see the Shipped Suite widget with all information and tools related to Shipped Shield and Shipped Green.

Order Information

  • Orders associated with the customer

  • If the order is protected by Shipped Shield and any shipment issues reported

  • If the order is made carbon neutral with Shipped Green and the associated carbon credit purchases

Pre-created Macros

Use pre-created macros that are related to Shipped Shield to speed up response time to your customers.

  • Report shipment issue, which provides your customer with the instructions on how to report a shipment issue.

  • Loop in Shipped support, which informs your customer that the Shipped support team will be following up to assist with the matter. The Shipped support team will automatically be cc'd in the reply to the customer.


If you have any questions regarding the integration with Zendesk, please contact us at support@invisiblecommerce.com.

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