What happens when my customer reports an issue with Shipped Shield?

Last Updated: 1 year ago

When Shipped Shield receives a damaged, loss, or stolen report for an order that’s protected by Shipped Shield, the issue will be available to review on your Shipped merchant dashboard.

When a request is approved, Shipped Shield will automatically issue a replacement for the item. If a replacement is not available, a refund will be issued. If a request is not approved, Shipped Shield will close the issue.

When issuing a replacement, the item will ship free of charge to the customer. 

When issuing a refund, Shipped Shield will only refund the subtotal of the item. Shipping costs, taxes and Shipped Shield costs are not included in the refund.

If you wish to leverage our proprietary systems and resources for resolving requests and issues within the Shipped Shield platform, we are always happy to help.

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