What are branded tracking emails?

Last Updated: 3 months ago

Merchants have an opportunity to drive additional engagement at the best time: when the shopper is anticipating their delivery. With Shipped Track, you can enable a series of branded emails that enhance customer engagement through real-time shipment tracking.

Email Types

In the tracking email series, there are 5 email types. They are listed below.

  • Order Place. Send information to the customer about a recently placed order.

  • Shipment on its way. Notify the customer when the order or an item is shipped.

  • Shipment out for delivery. Notify the customer when the shipment is out for delivery.

  • Shipment Exception. Notify the customer when there's an exception with the shipment.

  • Shipment Delivered. Notify the customer when the shipment is delivered.

Customizations and Configurations

The emails have basic customization which includes, the header, logo, and promo image and destination URL. You can customize them in the Company Profile > Theme & Appearance.

If you would like to disable any of the email types, you can do so in the "Disable Email Types" section of the Track Configurations.

Advanced Customization

If you're interested in creating email templates with fully customizable contents and sender domain, please contact us at partners@invisiblecommerce.com for more details.

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