Understanding your weekly financial transfers

Last Updated: 1 year ago

Every Monday, we will complete a financial transfer. The transfer amount is calculated by summing up the Shipped Shield and Shipped Green fees collected and then deducting your revenue share of the fees and shipment issue reimbursements.

If that calculation is net positive, we will charge your payment account. If the calculation is net negative, we will issue a payment to your reimbursement account.

What are the line items on the weekly transfers?

Shipped Shield fee - This is the fee collected from each Shipped Shield purchase to protect the order against lost, damaged, or theft.

Shipped Green fee - This is the fee collected from each Shipped Green purchase to neutralize the carbon associated with the delivery of your store orders.

Shield revenue share - This is the revenue share we give to you for each Shipped Shield purchased by the customer.

Reversals - When a customer decides to cancel Shipped Shield or Shipped Green from their order, they’ll be shown as “Shipped Shield fee reversal” and “Shipped Green fee reversal”.

Reimbursements - Reimbursement for Shipped Shield related replacement orders or refund. They’ll be shown as “Replacement order reimbursement” and “Refund reimbursement”.

Accessing Your Weekly Transfer

You'll receive a Weekly Transfer email with a summary of the transfer.

You can also easily access your weekly transfer records are located in the Merchant Admin > Transfers section. To download the transfer record, select the transfer record link and click "Export Detail CSV".

Examples of Weekly Transfer emails

Example of Payment Transfer Email

Example of Reimbursement Transfer Email

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