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Last Updated: 7 months ago

Shipped AI is a comprehensive customer support tool that integrates with your existing Slack workspace. It features a Chat Agent that can handle post-purchase customer inquiries and actions, such as order delivery issues, cancellations, returns, and more.

With the Slack integration, you can easily set up approval flow for AI Chat Agent actions, such as cancellations and refunds to ensure quality customer experience.

Key Features:

  • Approval Flow for AI Actions: Set up an approval flow for specific AI Agent actions, such as cancellations, refunds, and other order actions to ensure quality customer experience.
  • Brief Summary of Actions: Get a brief summary of requested action for quick response time or click on the conversation link to view full details of the conversation with the customer.
  • Auto Request Expiration: Implement auto request expiration and ticket creation to prevent customers from waiting too long for resolution.

Integration Instructions:

It's simple to integration Shipped AI with Slack. Follow the below steps to complete the integration.

  1. From the Shipped Suite merchant admin Integrations page, locate Slack and click on connect.

  2. If you're not signed in to your Slack workspace, it'll prompt you to login.

  3. Click on "Allow" to approve Shipped AI app permissions.

  4. Assign a channel you would like to the approval requests to be sent to. If the channel is private, you'll need to invite to the channel.

Approval Flow Set Up

The following instructions provide details on setting up approval flows for the AI Chat Agent.

  1. In Shipped Suite merchant admin, go to AI Chat Agent Settings.

  2. In the "Approva"l section, select the actions you would like to require approval before the AI Chat Agent can initiate the action.

  3. As an optional set up, you can customize the request expiration time with the "Expiration Period" setting. Leave field empty if you would like to keep the default period, which is 10 minutes.

  4. Click "Save".

Approving a Request

When an action requires approval, a request will be sent to the assigned Slack channel. The notification includes a brief summary of the order information and requested action. If you would like to see the full details of the conversation, simply click on the provided conversation link.

To approve the request, simply click on "Approve" in the request. Click on "Deny" if you do not approve the action.

An "Expired" indication will be shown if the request has past the expiration period and the issue will be escalated to human agent to resolve.

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