Returns Set Up Guide

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With Shipped AI Returns, managing returns becomes effortless, allowing you to provide a seamless experience for your customers while optimizing operational efficiency. Our setup guide walks you through the easy implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition to this powerful tool.

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Set Up

From Merchant Admin, navigate to Returns > Configurations to customize your return options.

General Settings

Under the General Settings tab is where you would add your standard return policy information and configure the following.

Minimum Return Threshold

In some cases, for less expensive items, it may not be financially feasible to return them. By setting a minimum return threshold, any value over the set amount will require physical return of the items.

Minimum Inventory Threshold for Replacement

To prevent replacement request for items that may not be available in inventory due to incorrect inventory records or other customers placing an order at the same time, you can set a minimum inventory threshold for replacement. Once set, items with quantities below the specified count will be treated as out of stock, and customers will not be offered replacement as a return resolution option.

Return Configurations

Under the Return Configurations tab, you can configure the options for the return experience.

Return for Store Credit and Final Sale Items

You can use product types or tags to identify products that can only be returned for store credit or are ineligible for return.

Return Reasons

We provide a default set of return reasons that you can use. Alternatively, you can add, remove, or edit the reasons as needed. For each reason, you can:

  • Specify any resolution you would like to exclude from the resolution offering

  • Enable photo/proof upload requirement

  • Enable additional information requirement

Resolution Options

Select the resolution options you would like to offer your customers.

  • Store Credit - Store credit in the form of a gift card will be issued to customers once the return is completed. Many merchants incentivize customers to choose store credit by offering a small incentive.

  • Exchange - Any same priced in stock variations will be offered to the customer to choose from.

  • Refund - A refund to the original payment method will be processed once the return is completed.

  • Replacement - A replacement order of the item will be processed once the return is completed.

Resolution Completion Trigger

Select the trigger for the return resolution to be completed.

  • Shipped - Complete the return when the return shipment is received and shipped by the carrier.

  • Received - Complete the return when the return shipment is delivered to the processing center.

  • Verified - Complete the return when the return shipment is verified by warehouse staff.

Return Shipment Settings

Under this tab, you will set up return fees, return shipping courier, and return address.

Return Method Fees

Set a return method fee you if would like to charge the customer for the return method.

Courier Accounts

Select the couriers you would like to offer customers for returning items. You can also add a courier fee to each courier.

If you have not connected any couriers, go to Courier Accounts to set them up. Make sure to save any changes you've made in the Returns Configurations before going to Courier Accounts.

Return Address

Select a location where the return shipments should be sent to. Locations from your ecommerce platforms are pre-synced into the system. If you need to add another location, click on Manage Locations to add one.

Once you've configured the settings, remember to save the edits.

Creating a Test Return

Before making the self-service returns feature available to your customers, we recommend creating a test return to ensure that everything is set up as desired.

Going Live

When you're ready to empower customers to self-service returns, add your branded order center to your site navigation or any other places where you would like the customers to access the portal. Your order center URL can be found here.

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