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The Shipped Suite integration with Gladly allows Agents to streamline the shipment issue resolution process.

Agents can get a holistic view of shipment issues and carbon offset with access to useful links to streamline the customer support workflow, resolving shipment issues faster.

The information provided will help the Agents determine if an order is protected by Shipped Shield, has purchased Shipped Green carbon offset, and any shipment issues reported to Shipped.

The available resource links allow the Agents to easily reference Shipped Suite Assurance Guarantee for package protection details and send Customers the link to the Shield Center for self-service shipment issue resolution.

Integration instructions

Before you start the integration process, you’ll need to generate a secret key in the Shipped Suite Merchant Admin.

Generate Secret Key for integration

  1. Go to Shipped Suite Merchant Admin > Integrations

  2. Locate Gladly app and click on Connect.

  3. Copy and paste the key in a safe place. Note the secret key will no longer be accessible after it’s been generated.


  1. From the Gladly dashboard, go to Settings > Apps, click Add app and select Custom.

  2. In the Name field, enter Shipped Suite.

  3. In the URL field, enter

  4. Navigate to the HTTP Headers section.

  5. Click on the empty Header field and enter Authorization.

  6. In the respective Value field, paste the secret key.

  7. For the Customer Linking section

    1. Under Search Query Attributes, enter emails for Attribute and Email for Label.

    2. Under Search Results Attributes

      1. Enter email for Attribute and Email for Label.

      2. Click on Add an Attribute, enter name for Attribute and Name for Label.

  8. In the Auto-linking Fields section, and only select Customer Email.

  9. In the Actions section, turn off actions.

  10. Click Save App.

How the integration works

Once integrated, Agents will be able to see the list of orders placed by the Customer and information pertaining to Shipped.

  • If the order is protected by Shipped Shield

  • If the order has any shipment issues reported to Shipped

  • If the order has Shipped Green carbon offset

The Agent can quickly reference the Shipped Shield Assurance Guarantee for coverage information by clicking on the link associated with “Assurance Guarantee”.

The Agent can provide Customer with a link to Shield Center, self-service shipment issue resolution center by copying the associated link with “Shield Center” into the email to the Customer.

If you have any questions on integrating your Gladly account, please contact us at

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